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Case Study: Long Swamp Church Wireless Solution

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Case Study: Long Swamp Church Wireless Solution

Long Swamp church is a medium-sized church that has sprawling property that includes several buildings, the church itself, a cemetery, and an outdoor camp area with cabins, pavilions, and areas for activities. The church approached the TechSperts at STCNtech to help them create a cohesive and consistent connection between their buildings and data.

The Need

The church asked for a network that would allow each area on church grounds to connect to the internet and access the data. They were working with offices in different buildings, each with a desktop computer and printer, plus a few laptops used for services, camp, meetings, and other activities in disconnected areas of the grounds. The staff and volunteers found that sometimes they needed to access the internet from the parsonage or the campgrounds. When they held meetings in areas outside the main offices, they would save files and then transfer them via USB drive -- and sometimes overwrite more current versions of the same file on a different computer.

The church asked to interconnect all the buildings, the camp, and create a common location for files to be stored so everyone could work together on the same file without deleting work someone else had done.

The Solution

STCNtech took stock of their buildings, environment, and equipment and asked the staff what they most needed out of a connectivity solution. The TechSperts recommended the following:

  • Microsoft Office for Non-Profits (with OneDrive and Sharepoint for file storage)

  • Aruba network switched

  • Ubiquiti wireless access points inside

  • Engenius Point-to-Point wireless to interconnect buildings.

Installing the Aruba switches gave the church a solid network infrastructure to run its wireless network. Internally, Ubiquiti gave them the performance they needed at a greatly reduced price over alternative solutions. The point-to-point wireless between buildings did require a 1GB wireless solution, and Engenius had the right tools to get them up and running in a reliable manner. Finally, leveraging the free non-profit licensing via Microsoft Office 365 gave them the flexibility to work collaboratively on files in OneDrive and Sharepoint as needed, as well as making them accessible to people outside the church network.

Result The church staff and volunteers enjoyed fast, reliable internet in the office and across the parish grounds. The Parsonage is located almost a 1/2 mile from the church building and can now host group meetings, parties, and other events even if they need to stream video in the gathering. Pastor Orwolts says, "we are able to update our budget in real time with council members who could not make the meeting in-person. STCNtech delivered more than we asked for!"

This past summer, the summer camp counselors added a computer workstation to the camp office building that is located across the street from the main church building. They enjoyed accessing all the information they needed to run camp successfully, including showing videos included in their summer camp package from headquarters!

Need a new wifi solution? Maybe you need outdoor spaces covered?  Contact the TechSperts at STCNtech -- we can check out your infrastructure from stem to stern and let you know where you are doing great, and where you might have to reinforce the bulkheads! Our Network as a Service platform can save you headaches, time, and money - while integrating all your data at the same time! Contact us at or 610-910-9347 today!

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