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Markets We Serve

The TechSperts at STCNtech are adept at technology of all kinds.  However, we specialize in several specific industries and markets.  We have worked in educational institutions that include public, private, and independent K-12.  We have helped institutions of higher education solve their tech riddles.  Our techs have upgraded and helped move small offices and non-profits of varying sizes to more efficient and modern technology infrastructures.  And we are experts at making your hotel, motel, or food service business forget about the nuts and bolts that make the experience they deliver to their patrons the best it can possibly be!

The EdTechSperts

Our team of EdTechSperts have decades of experience working with schools of all shapes and sizes. From public to private, we've been there.  Moreover, if you are a private or independent school in the Delaware Valley -- odds are, our techs have worked in your school over the past 25 years.  Our techs have put technology into 14 different schools in the area!

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Health Care

Because service and security are the cornerstones of everything we do, our TechSperts know how to keep your admins booking appointments, your records easily accessible, and your industry-specific equipment humming while keeping everything secure and easy to use.

We are experts in HIPAA compliance - learn more about that here.

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Hospitality and Food Services


The TechSperts at STCNtech know how to make your tech hum.  When your staff does not have to worry about the wifi in the rooms, if the printer in the business center is working, or is the client in the conference oom having audio-visual troubles, they are free to do what they do best: make your guests happy!

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Offices and Non-Profits

The TechSperts at STCNtech are trained and experienced working within a small office environment -- and specifically helping non-profits make the most of their limited budgets.  We know that small offices have workflows that help their efficiency, and we know how to make your tech support that -- whether you are for profit or not.

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