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When you are in need of extra hands to get the job done, - the TechSperts are there to help!

Our experienced and flexible staff are ready to be there to help with everything from help desk support to event management and everything in between. We can build regularly scheduled visits or flexible scheduling.


The TechSperts at STCNtech know that your organization has a workflow that works for you - and we are here to support you every step of the way.


Call us today to find out how we can help you augment your current staffing, be your IT Staff, or help you hire your next best IT staffer.

It all starts with a conversation -- click here to get started now!

Help Desk Support

Our TechSpert Staffing are skilled on-site or remote help desk personnel.  We can help with everything from your day-to-day file, print, and application support, to user administration, password changes, connecting to the wifi, and more.

Or maybe you just had your IT person leave... we can help!  We can temporarily fill that gap or be a permanent, lower-cost solution to that position.


Device Roll Out Days

Do you have specific days and times that you give our devices to employees, staff, students, or teachers? (education and non-educational organizations)

We can augment your current staffing so you have enough skilled technology staffers on-hand to not only hand out the devices, but also help with any technology questions that might arise during that process.


Special Events

Are you having a special event that requires extra skilled hands?  We have TechSperts that can help with all types of events.


Technology Staffing Searches

No matter what service you have with the TechSperts at STCNtech, you are entitled to consult with our Virtual CIO and a discount on our Technology Staffing Search  assistance service.  Our CTO will assist you with any of your IT staff searches from creating a job description to interviewing and assessing candidates.  For existing clients, this service is complimentary once per year.

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