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Why go with a TechSpert?


We have TechSperts in YOUR area!  We have two divisions: STCNtech and EdTechSperts.

STCNtech is dedicated to serving small businesses, health services, hospitality, and non-profit organizations -- and only those organizations.  They are trained on the technologies that work in those environments and the best ways to support your mission.  We speak EMR, EHR, CMS, HIPAA, GDPR, and more!  From WiFi to Disaster Recovery, the TechSperts at STCNtech recommend and work with the right technologies for you.

EdTechSperts are experts specifically trained and experienced in all things educational technology.  The educational division of STCNtech has all the skills you need to make the most of your tight tech budget.  They know the challenges in the classroom and what administrative tasks are required to keep teachers teaching and learners learning!  The hardware and software that is specific to education is different than the corporate world, and the TechSperts at EdTechSperts know the SIS, LMS, and EdTech ecosystems inside and out!  Click here to find out more about our Educational TechSperts - Our EdTechSperts!


We are experts in the technologies you use.  Our technicians have decades of experience working with products such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Meraki, HP, Aruba, Datto, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Barracuda, Bitdefender, and numerous LMS and SIS platforms.


When we say we are experts, that is because we are... we hold certifications from Microsoft, Google, Datto, Apple, Aruba, CompTIA, and more!


In some cases, our technicians might have actually put your tech in place!  We have technicians that have worked in education and non-profit in numerous roles for decades.  Count on our experience in your area.


We are dedicated to creating a more secure world.  Our plans to secure technology infrastructures combine our experience with best practices and a passion to protect data.  We believe an updated infrastructure combined with a trained set of people makes for the best possible defense against cyberattacks! 


We understand that every organization is unique and every group has its specific needs.  We tailor our solutions to meet your needs in the best way possible -- or we won't sign you as a client.  It is that simple.  We will not force a solution where it does not belong.

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