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Case Study: Holiday Inn Express Wireless Internet and Business Center

Case Study: Holiday Inn Express Wireless Internet and Business Center

The Holiday Inn brand name has long stood as a beacon of affordable comfort and amenities for travelers, families, and groups looking for conference spaces. The corporate offices began standardizing every hotel with a particular level of wireless internet services and business center technologies. This led to the group that managed several Holiday Inn Express reaching out to the TechSperts at STCNtech for a managed network and business center solution.

The Need

Holiday Inn corporate was tired of guests at some hotels having a positive network experience, while others complained constantly about poor connectivity, slow performance, and an overall poor experience. In today's world, where fast, reliable internet connectivity is expected as a part of the guest experience, Holiday Inn knew that no one would book conference and event spaces in hotels that did not have excellent internet connectivity.

The ownership group for Holiday Inn Express in Pennsylvania knew they needed a partner who could revolutionize the technology experience for their guests -- and the TechSperts at STCNtech answered the call!

The Solution

STCNtech spent several hours at multiple HIE locations gathering information, and data, while getting a feel for the layout of the hotels, as well as the construction materials used. This time and information allowed the TechSperts to provide a solution that worked everywhere and every time.

The TechSperts recommended the following:

  • Cisco Meraki Wired and Wireless networking solution

  • Rewiring all wireless networking locations with CAT6 cabling (was CAT5)

  • Adding wireless access points in key locations to serve events and conferences that provided service for hundreds of devices at one time.

  • New TVs connected to a wireless presentation system, with camera and audio, in conference rooms.

  • New HP computers and printers in their Business Center that are monitored, maintained, and always available through our Hardware as a Service platform.

The Result

STCNtech installed 23 wireless access points, one 48-port switch, and two HP computers with a HP color printers that are available over wireless for the guests in each location. The hotels now have fast, reliable internet, coupled with modern A/V systems in their conference spaces. The hotels are now booking events, meetings, and guests with the knowledge that their tech works -- and is supported by TechSperts! "Our tech just works now. When we have trouble, we call - they fix it with no surprise costs. STCNtech's ability to listen, and hear what we needed was the difference for us." MIke W., Regional Manager.

Need a new wifi or events solution that wows your guests?  Contact the TechSperts at STCNtech -- we can check out your infrastructure from stem to stern and provide you with a guest-first solution that removes internet trouble from the guest experience! Our Hospitality Managed Services Packages can create fast, reliable technology and remove headaches and complaints from your front desk! Contact us at or 610-910-9347 today!

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