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Security Guard

Security as a Service

In 2021, there were more than 37,000,000 data records breached in every market on the planet – that includes non-profits, educational institutions, and small businesses!  With more than 60% of organizations not having adequate funding and human resource capital to build and execute proper security audits and protection strategies, let our TechSperts take that off your plate for a fraction of what hiring an internal IT Security Expert on staff would cost.

What is it?

The TechSperts at EdTechSperts:

• Evaluate the current status of technology and operational security.

• Offer solutions for each chain in the operational link of security. Protect every workstation – period.

• Services can include endpoint client security, network operational security, network perimeter security, communication, and collaboration security, environment security monitoring and response, backup, and disaster recovery.

• Actionable information for leadership to make informed decisions.

• Expert analysis and guidance from industry-certified technicians.

• Proven and hardened security platforms to keep you and your data safe from prying eyes.

• Fully protected and air-gapped data duplication solutions that keep you from ever being offline or shutdown by a virus, malware, or ransomware.

Download our Infographic on Securing your M365/Google SaaS Data

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