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Technology Audits

IT security audits will review the systems & software that are used across your business every day and are crucial to its smooth operation. This will include the people, data, processes, software, access controls, user verification, policies, and hardware.  Having a third-party conduct this audit is crucial to continually adapting to new threats and ensuring compliance across your organization.

What is it?
Out TechSperts will...

• Learn what is in your environment and how you use it.

• Perform a comprehensive scan and data collection process.

• Evaluate the data to product a report that details the good, the bad, and sometimes: the ugly.

• Bring together organizational leadership to discuss the results, what they mean, and the best path forward to close gaps and meet compliance needs.

• Actionable data for leadership to make informed decisions.

• Expert analysis and guidance from industry-certified technicians.

• Recommendations on remediation steps and monitoring strategies that will increase your security profile while still allowing individuals the ability to get their work done.

• Opportunity to have experts perform approved remediation and monitoring tasks.

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