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TechSperts Events and Classes


At STCNtech, we recognize how important information and education is to any organization.  One of our core principles is to educate and inform our community to keep them in the know in a variety of technology -- and even non-tech -- areas.

Below is our current list of scheduled events. 
Please take a look and come see us either in-person or online!

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Current Events and Classes

Wednesday, June 19th, 12:00 PM
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Meet your AI assistant for education: Microsoft Copilot Webinar

Led by our resident Microsoft Innovative Education Expert, learn about CoPilot!  With new advancements in AI happening faster than ever before, you might be wondering how you can use these tools in your classroom to save you time and energy.  Generative AI is a newer piece of technology and a unique category of AI that focuses on creating new content. With generative AI you can generate new content like text, images, code, or audio. It achieves this by learning patterns from existing data and understanding the context and intent of language. This provides you with new opportunities for content creation, personalization, and innovation. Because this technology is creating new content, checking for accuracy in generative AI is essential—especially in the field of education.   


Let the TechSperts at STCNtech take you through this robust and wonderful new world of tech to help you learn more about it, get comfortable with it, and start using it to make more out of the time you have in your classroom, learning environment, and school spaces today!

Wednesday, June 19th, 12:00 PM
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Meet Your AI Assistant for Education: Microsoft CoPilot

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