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The EdTechSperts
STEM Scholarship

The Scholarship That Celebrates Your Students Abilities and Accomplishments!


The TechSperts
STEM Scholarship

The TechSperts STEM Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship provided by the TechSperts at STCNtech and EdTechSperts. Each year, STCNtech will award (1) scholarship to the student chosen by our staff of TechSperts.

What is STEM?

STEM has been defined as an umbrella term that groups together the distinct but unrelated disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  The TechSperts at STCNtech want to take the umbrella and throw it away!  Instead, we want you to take the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – throw them in a blender and press CHOP! 


For the purposes of this scholarship, STEM means: Anything that incorporates science, technology, engineering, AND mathematics together in a demonstrable way – plus another non-STEM element.  Think art, think music, think animals – think outside the box!  You will get points for being creative and imaginative!


How does a
student qualify?

Give us your best STEM-based idea or project presentation!  The presentation can be in the form of a video (5 minutes or less - MP4), a PowerPoint (recorded with voiceover), or any other similar method of presentation that allows us to view it easily.
Note: If we can’t view it, you do not qualify.


To apply and qualify for consideration, students must:

  • Attend a school that receives services from the EdTechSperts at STCNtech, or,

  • Attend grades 6 through 12

  • Provide a 5 minute or less presentation on their idea or project that is STEM related, as defined above. (Instructions on how to enter will be provided)

  • Project should include a description of the project with an explanation of how each element is incorporated.

  • Rubric for scoring is:
    Science Element: 10
    Technology Element: 10
    Engineering Element: 10
    Mathematics Element: 10
    Non-STEM Element: 10
    WOW Factor!: 10
    Presentation Quality: 10
    Descriptive Materials: 10


For your students to qualify for this scholarship, your school must receive services from us. 

Want to learn more about how your school can set your students up for success?  Click the link below and let's start the conversation!

Let's talk!

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