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IT Department as a Service

In 2021, educational institutions reported being understaffed by as much as 75% in some cases.  Small businesses and non-profits are in the same boat!  The reasons ranged from not being able to find appropriate talent to hire, cannot hire faster than people leave, and new employees asking for salaries outside of available funding availability.

Let our TechSperts help by augmenting your current staffing or being your IT department.

What is it?

• a service that can augment current IT staffing, serve as temporary staffing during a project, or serve as a complete IT department from top to bottom.

• can offer on-site break/fix or full technology support services.

• can offer Virtual CIO services as a part of the package.

• Provide training, management of computers, network, Google/Microsoft directory environment, technology inventory, vendor interface, servers, and more.


•Having a technology expert on-site anywhere from 4 to 35 hours per week.

• Increased technology services, and reduced technology frustration!

• Increased time for employees and students to focus on their tasks at hand, not the tech in the way.

• Increased level of knowledge and awareness of what is available, how it works, and what the needs are in your organization.

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