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Network Cable Technician

Network as a Service

Increasingly, technology departments and organizations are finding working capital more difficult to come by – or they need those funds somewhere else as operational costs increase as we continue to ride the roller coaster that is our economy. Our Networking as a Service offers organizations the ability to have a robust, monitored, secured network that meets the organization's needs and is fully supported.

What is it?

• fully managed networking hardware specified for your organization based on your needs and budget.

• network service and support by experts in the hardware and technologies that are implemented.

• equipment may include wired switches, wired routers, firewalls, and wireless access points.

• optional directory (Google/Microsoft) management is available.


•Always having an up-to-date, modern, secure network.

• Reduced load on existing IT staff.

• Ability to know exactly what your IT spend is each month and each year.

• Always know that you have experts who can help with trouble or training as it arises.

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