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Working Together on Project

Virtual CIO and Project Management

Many organizations put their resources towards pain points – and continually put money on top of money fixing things that break instead of looking forward and preventing difficulties before they occur.  Our Virtual CIO service allows organizations to keep their IT staff while bringing in seasoned technology leadership to help plan and execute a plan that aligns with the organizational mission at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CIO.

What is it?

This is a service that gives you…

• a seasoned industry and technology management expert at your fingertips.

• regularly scheduled meetings for assessment and planning of your budget and projects.

• vendor and technology infrastructure management assistance and the potential inclusion of IT Support as a Service.

• a third-party, industry expert view of your organizational processes, planning, and technology practices to help improve and sustain your operability.

•A partner to discuss information, data, and future plans to make the best possible decisions.

• A mediator between senior management and contractors or others.

• Expert level analysis of operational inefficiencies to provide planning for improvement.

• The best possible use of your technology and related resources.

• Potential to replace or augment internal IT resources as needed.

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