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Who are the EdTechSperts?

The EdTechSperts are specially trained technicians who have specific and targeted experience in the technologies that make schools run.  Every one of our staff who is considered an "EdTechSpert" has been trained in educational technologies, worked within a school environment, and understands the specialized and unique needs of an educational institution!  

Our techs have worked with more than 15 public, independent, and private schools in the Delaware and Lehigh Valley Areas for the past 20+ years.  Odds are, one of our techs has put in the wireless, the network, refreshed computers, or put in smart tech in your school!


Trust the EdTechSperts with your technology needs!

What the EdTechSperts Do:

The EdTechSperts perform the same highly skilled technical support work as the STCNtech staffing, but they do it with an eye toward the needs of your educational institution.  These specific services include:

Fast Forward Assessment:

The TechSperts at EdTechSperts work with the staff and educators at your school to provide a comprehensive technology audit of your organization. Through a detailed analysis of the feedback from your staff, the data collected from your technology systems, and conversations with leadership, we produce a detailed report that aligns with your organizational strategic plan and can serve as your technology strategic plan.  Using this actionable data, we can help you leverage our consortium-based purchasing power to lower your overall cost of technology spending and increase the satisfaction surrounding technology in your school.

School Information Systems Support:
The EdTechSperts staff has the experience and know-how to help implement, support, maintain, upgrade, and execute data integration operations with systems such as: Senior Systems, Blackbaud, PowerSchool, FACTS (Formerly RenWeb), Sycamore, VeraCross, PowerCampus, SchoolAdmin, and Jenzabar.

Classroom Technology Integration Support:
Our EdTechSperts have worked with schools to implement, support, and integrate solutions

from vendors such as: Promethean, Sharp, Epson, Google, and Microsoft.

Learning Management System and Data Systems Help:

The EdTechSperts at STCNtech have worked to help schools implement, support, and

integrate a learning management system in your school!  We have worked with, done migrations to and from: Canvas, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams Classes, FinalSite, D2L Brightspace, PowerLearn, and others!

Technology Support and Infrastructure:
Our TechSperts have worked with over a dozen schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to help them improve their infrastructure and support their staff, students, and teachers.  Whether it is on-site staff

augmentation through our IT Department as a Service or project-based infrastructure improvements,

we are TechSperts with: 
Aruba, Barracuda, HPe, Dell, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Datto, SonicWall, Securly, and more!

Technology Support Staffing:

When you are in need of extra hands to get the job done, - the EdTechSperts are there to help!

Our experienced and flexible staff are ready to be there to help with everything from help desk support, to event management, and everything in between. We can build regularly scheduled visits, or flexible scheduling. The EdTechSperts at STCNtech know that education has a different set of requirements on a different schedule, and we are here for it.  Find a little bit more here.

Cyber Security Assessment and Remediation:
Simply put: there is no one in the area of K-12 and higher education with more experience providing technology
audits and remediations to educational institutions than the EdTechSperts at STCNtech. No One.


We were doing it before it was cool... and before it was critical. Today, the landscape is dangerous if
you do not know where your vulnerabilities are.  Everyone is vulnerable, trust the EdTechSperts at STCNtech to assess your infrastructure and data security, provide you with the right information to take the right action to keep your data safe and comply with federal and international regulations where they apply to you.  You can take that information and have us help secure you, provide it to your auditors, or stay secure long-term with our Security as a Service platform.  

Are Google Schools Safe from Ransomware/Malware: No. This is a MYTH.
According to Gartner (2023), over 67% of schools that are infected with malware are Google Schools.  Why?  There are a variety of reasons, our experience is a lack of policies that circumvent cloud-based security.  Click here to read our BLOG post about schools that allow their employees to use personal devices and learn more.  In 2024, two local school districts have closed buildings because of this behavior - don't be the next one.  Contact us before you are the next news story.

We know network and data security in education like no one else. Period.

It all starts with a conversation -- click here to get started now!

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