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Simple CyberSecurity Tips for Everyone!

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Every October is CyberSecurity Awareness Month! In our inaugural BLOG post, we will be giving you a few general tips on how to stay safe online! Keep your eyes on our BLOG for more CSAM tips and how STCNtech can help keep you and your data safe!


#1: Protect your information and equipment

Something as simple as activating the automatic updates on your programs can give you more protection. Network security is also key. When connecting to public WiFi networks, avoid making bank transactions or online purchases -- make sure the network is secured!

Keeping your digital life secure is not only about your computer. Whether you have a Windows-based computer or a Mac, your mobile devices count, too! Make sure your phone and tablets are updating regularly! Need help with this in your office? Email us at -- we can help!

Try using the STOP. THINK. CONNECT. method. When you see something, STOP - don't just click on it. THINK - does this make sense? Would Best Buy be showing me this? Would my aunt be emailing me about a fortune in Zimbabwe or needing a $500 iTunes gift card right now? If the answer is yes, CONNECT! If not, then put that in your Junk Folder or close the window! STCNtech offers extensive security training and education for the people in your organization to help them learn what phishing looks like! Email us at for more information!

#4: Keep your passwords safe

Avoid using the same password for different accounts. Do your best not to write passwords down. If you have a myriad of accounts and passwords (who doesn't??) -- look into using a digital password locker.

A digital password locker not only can help you keep your passwords straight - but it also helps you keep them safe, secure, and easily accessible to you and your employees. STCNtech works with digital password lockers and secure password methods - ask us how at

Do you think your organization needs a security audit? Contact the experts at STCNtech -- we can check out your ship from stem to stern and let you know where you are doing great, and where you might have to reinforce the bulkheads! Contact us at or 610-910-9347 today!

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