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Managed Technology and Security Services

STCNtech and EdTechSperts are award-winning managed services providers.  Our techs are certified experts in the technologies that drive your organization.

We have helped organizations just like yours increase security, align their business continuity and disaster recovery plans with their mission, and created technology efficiencies across the board.

We specialize in small offices, hospitality, hotels, K-12 schools, and non-profit organizations.

Our Services

Our Services

We are certified techs that are hyperfocused on the technologies that drive your organization - ask us!

Managed Services

We are experts in managing technology services from networks to security.

Everything from networks, to security, to hardware.

Technology Audits

Sometimes you don't know what you don't know in your enviroment.

We can help.

Security as a Service

Our Security as a Service offering allows you to increase security, manage usability, and keep your environment protected with our watchful eye on it all!

Network as a Service

When was the last time you upgraded your network?

Operationalize the cost and get new, modern equipment - noth wired and wireless - with no money up front!

Hardware as a Service

What is your computer refresh plan?  Don't have one?  We can help!

Operationalize the cost and get new, modern equipment with no money up front!

IT Department as a Service

It is hard to hire qualified people... let us help!

You pick the staffing model, and we will be there to support your team!

From desktop support to Virtual CIO - we have the experience to help.


Roger, Regional Manager
IHG, Holiday Inn Express

Ready to make it better?

We believe that every great relationship starts with a conversation...  Book some time with us and let's find out how our TechSperts can make your organization more secure, more efficient, and operating like it should.

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