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Discover ways to make the most of Microsoft 365 for your business

Microsoft's 365 Suite of Applications Includes So Many Applications...

Do you use them all? Do you use the ones you need? Do you even KNOW what Microsoft tools are that are included at no additional cost that would benefit your business? Is it Sharepoint? Or Teams? Or PowerAutomate? What about Teams? Outlook can't do everything... right?

And - one more quick question - are you using the free Google Workspace for your business or school because it is free, and you think there is no way to use Microsoft's cloud offerings for free? That's not true.

Don't worry. The TechSperts at STCNtech are here to help! Read on!

Over the next few BLOG posts, we will go over a few of the key Microsoft tools you may now know about that you may already have access to that can help you make the most of your subscription -- and enhance your business workflow!

Here are a make the most of Microsoft 365 for your business:

  1. Microsoft Planner - Your New Project and Productivity Go-To:

  • Organize tasks individually or within teams.

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

  • Syncs with Microsoft Teams.

  • Syncs with Microsoft Outlook Calendar invitations.

  1. Microsoft Bookings - No More Scheduling Hassles:

  • Integrated with Microsoft 365.

  • Automates appointments.

  • Syncs with Outlook calendars.

  • Syncs with Microsoft Teams Meetings.

  1. Microsoft Teams - More Than Chats and Calls:

  • Digital office collaboration with OneNote, Planner, To Do, Forms, Outlook, and MORE.

  • Seamless integration of chats, calls, file sharing, and project management.

  • Like having an entire office at your fingertips - we are not kidding or exaggerating - just ask us, we are Teams TechSperts.

  1. Microsoft Forms and Documents: Easy Way to Get Feedback:

  • Collect feedback effortlessly.

  • Create forms and documents with ease.

  • Integrate with Teams, Agendas, 3rd Party plug-ins, and more 🌟

To discover more beyond email and documents, explore the hidden treasures of Microsoft 365! Contact the TechSperts at STCNtech to learn more about making the most about how you can make the most of your Microsoft 365 subscription or leverage Microsoft Tools in your school to better equip your students for the next step in their journey -- instead of hindering them with Google. Think we are exaggerating? Just ask us - we have data.

Contact us TODAY - 610-910-9347 - or click here

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