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Why Workstation Backup and Protection is Crucial - New Year's Special Pricing!

Why Workstation Backup and Protection is Crucial - And How We Can Help!

In the 1990s, we spent a lot of time setting up our computers and getting everything just the way we liked it. Once we had it set - we were happy as clams... until the unthinkable happened. Back in the 1990s, that disaster was almost always a hard drive crash. When your hard drive crashed back then, you were usually out of luck... unless you were smart and had a lot of extra time. Back "in the day," we would back up our critical Word, Excel, and other files to -- wait for it -- floppy disks! If you did that periodically, you felt fairly safe. Until the moment came when you needed that dBase IV iteration of Grandma's Family Recipes, and you got the dreaded "CRC Read Failure" -- and Grandma's recipes were gone...

Welcome to the Age of the Internet

The good news is that with today's solid state hardware, the odds of your storage failing are dramatically reduced compared to the days of IDE or SCSI spinning disk hard drives. The bad news is that in the Age of the Internet, there are as many ways to lose data as there are to waste time using social media. Between pop-ups, malware, viruses and -- dreaded ransomware -- your data is only as safe as the tools you have to protect and secure that data.

Protecting Your Computer and Your Data

When you protect your computer and your data, you help protect those with whom you share data and network space. If you have a virus or malware, it is very easy to spread that to friends, family, and coworkers without even realizing it. Workstation and data protection starts and ends with you! The key components to good data and workstation protection are:

  • Managed Workstation Antivirus and Malware protection

  • Secure Password Digital Locker Combined with Multifactor Authentication

  • Managed and Secured Workstation Data Backup

Managed Workstation Antivirus and Malware Many people buy a new computer that comes with McAfee or Norton Antivirus installed with a trial subscription -- and then let that lapse. This opens the door to the entire internet to come on in, steal your data, and spread to your contacts without anything to stop it -- and you think you are protected! The TechSperts at STCNtech have a solution that is always on, always protecting you and comes with the support of our team when you click somewhere funny.

Secure Password a Digital Locker Combined with MFA

The biggest vulnerability you have in your data protection scheme is... you. In today's internet world, there are so many passwords, and so many iterations of different passwords, it is far too tempting to commit one of the mortal password sins. What are the mortal password sins, you ask?

  • Using personal information in passwords such as your name, your birthday, your children's name, your pet's name, etc. -- you get the idea. Don't do it.

  • Using the same password everywhere.

  • When forced to change the password, add a 1 to the end, or you think you are fancy, and add the month or year to it. All are equally vulnerable.

  • Writing them down in a notebook or post it note.

  • Saving your passwords in your web browser *gasp*

  • Sharing your password with family members through an email or text message.

A secure digital password locker is a piece of software that encrypts your passwords behind a login that is protected by multifactor authentication that allows you to insert passwords to your favorite websites without the risk of exposing the information to anyone else and not storing the password information on your local computer. Add to that, you can send password information in a one-time access and secure manner if you do need to share it (and yes, there are legitimate reasons to share a password). The TechSperts at STCNtech can help get you set up in a managed digital password locker with our crack team of experts as your backup!

We are just going to say it -- if you have an account online, it must be protected by multifactor authentication. Period. Adding that to a secure digital password locker, and combining everything with MFA makes your password information very secure.

Managed and Secured Workstation Backup It is not a question of if your information will be compromised or threatened, the question is when... by securing your workstation with endpoint antivirus and malware protection, adding in a password locker, and backing up your files -- you will be as secure as you can be while traversing the internet. All of your documents, spreadsheets, pictures, movies, and saved game files can be backed up, secure in an off-site datastore and accessible to you if something goes wrong. The backups run constantly so you are at a reduced risk of losing your information whether you get hit with ransomware or have a hardware failure. The TechSperts at STCNtech have a workstation protection package in our Security as a Service platform that includes Managed Workstation Antivirus and Malware protection,

Secure Password Digital Locker Combined with Multifactor Authentication, and Managed and Secured Workstation Data Backup with the support of the TechSperts at STCNtech for an entire year at a special price until January 31, 2024. This package normally costs $399 per year (or $40 per month) is now only $299 for an entire year of protection (or $30 per month) with the full remote support services from the TechSperts at STCNtech! Are you ready to protect yourself and save money? Click here and let the TechSperts help keep you and your data safe!

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