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The 12 Days of Techmas

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

The Twelve Days of Techmas

We are not going to lie... Here at STCNtech, Christmas is our favorite time of the year. To celebrate this year, we have compiled a list of the 12 biggest holiday technology innovations in modern history!

Enjoy the 12 Days of Techmas.

Day 1: The Candlelight Era

Date: 17th century onwards

Fact: Candles adorned Christmas trees.

Tech Impact: The invention of the candle clip in the 17th century made it safer to attach candles to trees without them falling off.

Day 2: The Electric Light Revolution

Date: 1882

Fact: Thomas Edison displayed the first electrically lit Christmas tree.

Tech Impact: Electric lights quickly replaced candles due to safety and convenience, revolutionizing how trees were lit.

Day 3: Phonographs & Christmas Carols

Date: Late 19th Century

Fact: The phonograph, invented by Thomas Edison, made it possible to play recorded music.

Tech Impact: Christmas carols could be played and shared easily, spreading festive cheer through recorded music.

Day 4: The Advent of Radio Broadcasts

Date: Early 20th century

Fact: Radio broadcasts became popular.

Tech Impact: Radio brought Christmas music and stories into homes, creating a shared experience for families.

Day 5: TV Specials & Christmas Classics

Date: 1930s onwards

Fact: The first televised Christmas special aired.

Tech Impact: Shows like "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas" became beloved holiday traditions.

Day 6: Artificial Christmas Trees

Date: Mid-20th century

Fact: Artificial trees gained popularity.

Tech Impact: Innovations in materials and manufacturing made these trees more lifelike, offering a convenient and reusable alternative.

Day 7: Global Communication & Greetings

Date: Internet era

Fact: Sending digital Christmas greetings became common.

Tech Impact: People could instantly connect and exchange warm wishes across continents.

Night 8: Animated Decorations

Date: Mid-20th century

Fact: Animated decorations emerged.

Tech Impact: These mechanical wonders added motion and excitement to holiday displays.

Night 9: LED Lights & Energy Efficiency

Date: 2000s

Fact: LED lights gained popularity in decorations.

Tech Impact: They offered energy efficiency, durability, and a range of colors, transforming how we light up our homes.

Night 10: Smart Home Decorations

Date: Happening NOW!

Fact: Smart technology integrated into Christmas decorations.

Tech Impact: Remote-controlled lights, music synchronization, and voice-activated displays enhanced the festive experience.

Night 11: Online Shopping & Gift Giving

Date: 21st century

Fact: E-commerce boomed.

Tech Impact: Online shopping revolutionized gift-giving, offering convenience and accessibility to a wide range of products.

Night 12: Virtual Celebrations & Connectivity

Date: 2020 and Beyond

Fact: Video conferencing became a staple for connecting during the holidays.

Tech Impact: Families separated by distance could celebrate together virtually, fostering a sense of togetherness. Connect with us today and brin your tech into the 21st centery by clicking here, shooting an email or giving us a ring at 610-910-9347 today!

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