What is your office mobility plan?


Are you able to contact your people no matter where they are, when they are?  Is it easy to find out if Joe is in the office?  Can you instantly message him to find out if that spreadsheet is ready?  Can he share that spreadsheet from his hotel room with Sheila who is in the office?  Is the client notified when you are ready for them to see the data?  And can you instantly have a meeting with Joe, Sheila and the client from anywhere, anytime?


STCNtech can help you build an office and organization infrastructure that can do all of this easily, and a lot more economically then you think!


STCNtech's expert wireless engineers can evaluate your organizations needs, design a communications infrastructrue that ties your phones, computers and data all together in a secure, yet accessible technology infrastructure.


We are specialists at working with the hospitality industry.  We have installed wireless in hotels, cafes and convention spaces.  Plus, we can blanket your short-term event with a wireless network that you will be proud to put your name on.


Find out how much time and money you can save by making your organization more nimble!


 Contact us today for an evaluation -- and see how a fantastic communications mobility plan can help your organization!



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