Tech Solutions made easy!

Our technology workflow solutions plug in to your environment and enhance how you do what you do!  Our managed services solutions can help you in a variety of ways...


Regardless of your business or industry, STCNtech can help any technology situation be better then it is right now. We know what it takes to set things up properly across the entire organization, whether it involves a phone system, security cameras or critical data security for your accounting and HR departments. We can handle basic infrastructure needs, complex networking tasks or go above and beyond to provide customized solutions for any organization.


  • Small and medium-sized businesses can choose from many affordable service options, such as hosting solutions that can help avoid big upfront investments.
  • Unified Communications can integrate all your communication platforms for greater efficiency.
  • Tracking of your assets: job tickets and service technicians



Hospitality  - Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Conventions

People walk in and out every day.  These are people who are in your venue for a short period of time, but you need them to come back.  STCNtech understands that bringing people back through the door is your number one priority, and not only can we help make sure you deliver your best service to them, but we also help you market to them when they are not in your place of business.


Our knowledge and experience can help you deliver the best possible experience to your clients, and have them raving about your wireless network and multimedia facilities.


Our experience in hospitality covers many emerging areas of the industry:

  • Guest Information Database Systems
  • Data protection as mandated through HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules
  • Guest Wireless and Wired networking -- free and paid services
  • Top notch Business Center computing equipment installation and maintenance
  • Conference Room and Conference Center Multimedia (Projector, Audio, Video)
  • Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Telephone Systems (Voice Over IP, Digital and Analog)
  • Event based wireless network and multimedia solutions
  • Marketing Driven wireless networking




Legal Services and Law Offices

There’s no doubt the service industry relies heavily on communication with customers as well as the technicians who are servicing those customers. Their communication tools need to be reliable, flexible, and affordable. STCNtech will make sure your communication platform is always available, wherever and whenever you need it.

  • Communication solutions: Voiceover IP systems, smart phone implementation, remote access tools for scheduling and troubleshooting
  • Archival solutions to meet e-discovery requirements and data retention policies
  • We have experience with legal practice management software, and the VOIP phone systems that tie into these systems to track billing time.
  • Through our ShoreTel partnership, we offer additional case management and time management solutions for the legal industry




Schools and K-12 Education

STCNtech's experience working in the K-12 education sector is unparalleled.  We know how tight your budget is, and we know what your calendar looks like.  We have hands-on, real world experience with student information systems (SIS), learning management systems (LMS) such as:

  • SIS: eSchool, Blackbaud, Senior Systems, SchoolAdmin, OpenSIS, Power School, SCT (Banner/PowerCampus), Whipple Hill, RenWeb
  • LMS: FinalSite, Google Class, Roll Call
  • Parent Communication Systems: Blackboard Connect, eAlert
  • Sizing networks and computers for your school
  • 1:1 and BYOD programs
  • Creating a Smart Classroom
  • Tracking of your assets: job tickets and service technicians
  • Knowledge of Educational Discounts and Free Programs for education!
  • Flexible billing/payments based on your school's fiscal year




STCNtech works with many nonprofits and understands the funding process and guidelines they must adhere to. Nonprofits have many challenges, but managing their I.T. shouldn’t be one of them.  Partnering with STCNtech simplifies your IT life because:

  • We have experience with many charitable entities, from education and local government to environmental causes and health and human services
  • Flexible payment plans available to help keep your overhead manageable
  • Tracking of your assets: job tickets and service technicians
  • Knowledge to secure I.T. products and services at a significant discount for charitable and nonprofit organizations



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